Saving Money on Your Mortgage

What is the best way to try and save money on your mortgage? These are a few tips which might be worth considering. Use Current account mortgage./ Offset mortgage These are increasingly common. It is a way to combine a current account with your mortgage balance. If you have any spare cash in your current […]

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Forecast for UK Housing Market in 2013

  UK house prices have stagnated since the credit crunch and prolonged recession. Property specialists Frank Knight expect house prices to take until 2017 to recover their pre-crash levels. Despite an improvement in housing enquiries, pre-Christmas the overall outlook for the housing market is fragile, with limited growth prospects. However, the UK housing market is […]

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Ratio of House Prices to Income

In the lead up to the credit crunch in 2007, the ratio of house prices reached an all time high. By some measures, the average house price was up to 5 times average income. This occurred because of the rapid growth in house prices combined with an increased availability of mortgages which enabled people to […]

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Checkup on Your Pensions

There is never a good time to checkup on your pension situation. Normally there is such a long time to go before your pension is due you can always find a reason to defer. Then the day dawns when you realise retirement and pension needs are just around the corner. Basic Pension Checkup What level […]

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Simple Personal Finance Guidance

Do not get uptight about your own finances but learn the simple basics so you feel on top. There are some approaches that will help you factor in risk and guide you to achieve your longer term goals. If you consider a 45 year working life even at a modest salary you will probably earn […]

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Increase your Wealth or Income a Review

Wealth is the total value of all your possessions. It is different from income which is an inward flow of money such as wages, benefits, pensions or interest on savings. Wealth is the value of your assets less any money you owe on loans or mortgages for example. Review What is Wealth The most valuable […]

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