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Checkup on Your Pensions

There is never a good time to checkup on your pension situation. Normally there is such a long time to go before your pension is due you can always find a reason to defer. Then the day dawns when you realise retirement and pension needs are just around the corner. Basic Pension Checkup What level […]

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Simple Personal Finance Guidance

Do not get uptight about your own finances but learn the simple basics so you feel on top. There are some approaches that will help you factor in risk and guide you to achieve your longer term goals. If you consider a 45 year working life even at a modest salary you will probably earn […]

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Increase your Wealth or Income a Review

Wealth is the total value of all your possessions. It is different from income which is an inward flow of money such as wages, benefits, pensions or interest on savings. Wealth is the value of your assets less any money you owe on loans or mortgages for example. Review What is Wealth The most valuable […]

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The Continuing Credit Crunch

Is it safe to get back in the water yet? Is Jaws still out there looking for the unwary still swimming in the murky financial waters that led to the credit crunch! In 2008 Graham Turner and his company provided forecasts to some of the worlds leading banks. In The Credit Crunch: Housing Bubbles, Globalisation […]

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Ways and Methods of Making Payments

You can pay for products and services in a range of ways and the form of payment can be selected to suit the circumstances. As with making payments using most methods you need some forward planning so the best arrangements are already in place. Cash This is often easiest particularly for small amounts. Legal tender […]

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Be a Prudent Student

Avoid getting into your own personal ‘credit crunch’ when you are setting off to college or university. There are many ways to get into financial difficulties and far fewer ways to get out of problems. Therefor it pays to be prudent and alert from day one (and day one starts a year before you are […]

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Boost Credit Card Limits

Prior to the current economic crisis the credit card companies threw money at card holders. They regularly and with out request increased the credit limit on customers cards. Lenders are in the business for profit and more lending equals more profit. New card offers and new card suppliers are often trying to get new customers […]

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Spotting a Financial Scam

Financial scams are always with us but spotting them only takes a bit of diligence. Be on your guard for fraudsters, shysters, swindlers con-artists and scammers. First Lessons Spotting a Financial Scam Money does not grow on trees. If you have earned it get honest value in return. The tooth fairy doesn’t exist. If it […]

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