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Saving Money on Your Mortgage

What is the best way to try and save money on your mortgage? These are a few tips which might be worth considering. Use Current account mortgage./ Offset mortgage These are increasingly common. It is a way to combine a current account with your mortgage balance. If you have any spare cash in your current […]

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Forecast for UK Housing Market in 2013

  UK house prices have stagnated since the credit crunch and prolonged recession. Property specialists Frank Knight expect house prices to take until 2017 to recover their pre-crash levels. Despite an improvement in housing enquiries, pre-Christmas the overall outlook for the housing market is fragile, with limited growth prospects. However, the UK housing market is […]

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Uncertainties in the UK Housing Market

UK House prices continue their uncertain stagnation – against a backdrop of a double dip recession, falling real incomes and inflationary pressures. The slump in the housing market could have been more severe (e.g. look at experience of Spain, US and other countries). But, the outlook for the UK housing market has many uncertainties. UK […]

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Housing Market of the 1970s

In the 1970s, the housing market was as volatile as the rest of the economy. The 1970s saw a continued rise in home-ownership rates. In the early 1970s, there was a real boom in house prices. Then, from 1973, with the period of high inflation, there was a sharp fall in real prices before recovering […]

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Home Ownership Rates UK

Home ownership rates in the UK increased dramatically in the twentieth century. From less than 20% to a peak of 70%. However, rates of home ownership have recently fallen. Home Ownership has been an emotive and important political issue in the UK. Not for nothing do we have the phrase ‘ An Englishman’s home is […]

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Downsizing to Raise Cash

When short of cash it is natural to look at one of your largest expenditures and in some cases your best asset. Your accommodation be it home, house or flat costs in revenue expenditures and ties up capital when you most need it. Downsize your Revenue Costs The bigger your home generally the higher the […]

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Costs of Getting a Mortgage

All is not sweetness and light in the mortgage industry. There are so many costs of getting a mortgage that the final bill can be a bit daunting. Some of the extra charges are unavoidable and many are essentials or forms of taxation. Lenders Costs Paid By Borrower Mortgage arrangement fees also called an establishment […]

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Extreme Budgeting One Month Trial

For one month a year it may be worth considering ‘extreme budgeting’ or more correctly extreme none-spending. It is like a detox for your cash or a crash diet for your purse. Extreme budgeting starts with eliminating your discretionary spending and tightening your money belt. Benefits of Extreme Budgeting After a month you will realise […]

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Good Debt versus Bad Debt

Think before you take on any debt! Good versus bad debt may be worse than no debt. Financial confusion can be created by the very people who should be helping you. Forgive me for starting with obvious definitions. Debt An amount of money or value due from one person to another. Debtor The person who […]

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Check Your Mortgage Statement

You have only to read the letters pages in business supplements of the newspapers. Many carry requests for help to obtain redress for computer errors, lost documents and over charges. At least these letter writers know there is an issue or problem. If you do not check your mortgage statement you may never know if […]

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