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Simple Personal Finance Guidance

Do not get uptight about your own finances but learn the simple basics so you feel on top. There are some approaches that will help you factor in risk and guide you to achieve your longer term goals. If you consider a 45 year working life even at a modest salary you will probably earn […]

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Increase your Wealth or Income a Review

Wealth is the total value of all your possessions. It is different from income which is an inward flow of money such as wages, benefits, pensions or interest on savings. Wealth is the value of your assets less any money you owe on loans or mortgages for example. Review What is Wealth The most valuable […]

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Spotting a Financial Scam

Financial scams are always with us but spotting them only takes a bit of diligence. Be on your guard for fraudsters, shysters, swindlers con-artists and scammers. First Lessons Spotting a Financial Scam Money does not grow on trees. If you have earned it get honest value in return. The tooth fairy doesn’t exist. If it […]

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It’s Not Good to be in Debt

Do not borrow money or use a credit card without realising you are in debt. A loan is not just a loan it is a debt, 12 months free credit or overdraft is a debt, Hire purchase, a credit card or store card bill is a debt until paid in full. Do not let lenders […]

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Making a Money Plan

We could use long words and phrases like budgetary control, fiscal responsibility or money management but why bother when ‘making a money plan’ is quite clear. What is a Money Plan The money plan is to help you to have enough money to buy what you want when you need and want it. Like children […]

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Learn Financial Nous

Nous is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as commonsense or gumption. You can acquire financial commonsense and learn financial nous if you keep it simple. Four Aspects of Money There are only four areas of finance and money that you need to cover to acquire ‘nous’. Saving and Investing Borrowing and owing money Insurance […]

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Do You Really Need to Borrow

According to Which? the consumer magazine, ‘The Best Heeled Get the Best Deals‘. You can get a loan when you do not need to borrow but will pay a high price if you do really need the money! Questions before Buying on Credit Do you really need the item you are thinking of buying. Can […]

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