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Forecast for UK Housing Market in 2013

  UK house prices have stagnated since the credit crunch and prolonged recession. Property specialists Frank Knight expect house prices to take until 2017 to recover their pre-crash levels. Despite an improvement in housing enquiries, pre-Christmas the overall outlook for the housing market is fragile, with limited growth prospects. However, the UK housing market is […]

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Ratio of House Prices to Income

In the lead up to the credit crunch in 2007, the ratio of house prices reached an all time high. By some measures, the average house price was up to 5 times average income. This occurred because of the rapid growth in house prices combined with an increased availability of mortgages which enabled people to […]

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Uncertainties in the UK Housing Market

UK House prices continue their uncertain stagnation – against a backdrop of a double dip recession, falling real incomes and inflationary pressures. The slump in the housing market could have been more severe (e.g. look at experience of Spain, US and other countries). But, the outlook for the UK housing market has many uncertainties. UK […]

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Is Now a Good Time to Buy a House?

Prospective house buyers may still be worrying whether it is best to wait before buying. There are two schools of thought but bear in mind to buy a house is a long term prospect. Are you buying as an investment or are you buying to live in the House? If you are buying as an […]

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Costs of Getting a Mortgage

All is not sweetness and light in the mortgage industry. There are so many costs of getting a mortgage that the final bill can be a bit daunting. Some of the extra charges are unavoidable and many are essentials or forms of taxation. Lenders Costs Paid By Borrower Mortgage arrangement fees also called an establishment […]

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Economists View of House Pricing

House prices in the UK are still one of the most popular topics of conversation. House prices virtually trebled between the mid 1990s and 2006. This created a situation where homeowners saw tremendous gains in wealth whereas those struggling to get on the property ladder felt left behind. Since 2006 there has been a reduction […]

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House Price Forecasts 2012

Given the economic uncertainty facing the UK, it may seem a little early to start making forecasts for house prices in 2012. However,  Ernst & Young ITEM Club’s outlook for housing market is to see prices drop 5% in 2012. This follows on from the stagnation in prices since the 2010 peak. It means UK […]

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New Homes Built in UK

New Homes Built in UK

Statistics on the number of new homes built in the UK are produced by the ONS. Since the credit crunch of 2008, the number of homes built has fallen well below the level necessary to meet expected rising demand. Source: ONS The number of new houses built in the UK in 2010/11 was only 106,000. […]

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