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Uncertainties in the UK Housing Market

UK House prices continue their uncertain stagnation – against a backdrop of a double dip recession, falling real incomes and inflationary pressures. The slump in the housing market could have been more severe (e.g. look at experience of Spain, US and other countries). But, the outlook for the UK housing market has many uncertainties. UK […]

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Housing Market of the 1970s

In the 1970s, the housing market was as volatile as the rest of the economy. The 1970s saw a continued rise in home-ownership rates. In the early 1970s, there was a real boom in house prices. Then, from 1973, with the period of high inflation, there was a sharp fall in real prices before recovering […]

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Home Ownership Rates UK

Home ownership rates in the UK increased dramatically in the twentieth century. From less than 20% to a peak of 70%. However, rates of home ownership have recently fallen. Home Ownership has been an emotive and important political issue in the UK. Not for nothing do we have the phrase ‘ An Englishman’s home is […]

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Ethical Forestry Investing

If you want an investment that is growing what could be wrong with trees? Well for one thing if you do not understand a product then it may not be wise to invest in it. Basics of Ethical Forestry Investing You can invest in unit schemes or have individual sections of plantation with your own […]

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Control Spending on Financial Products

You can effectively control or improve the effectiveness of your spending on products from the financial services market. Only buy what you need at a good and fair price. Some products will be much more helpful and beneficial than others and you should set out with a clear idea of why you need a particular […]

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Life Expectancy and Finance

It is surprising what you need to consider when reviewing your financial position. Life expectancy is having a major impact on some of the outcomes on financial products and it is as well to be prepared. What is Life Expectancy Definition of life expectancy is the average number of years a new born baby can […]

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Bad Mortgage Lending

Northern Rock came to epitomise the bad lending that contributed to the financial collapse and the last decade of financial nightmare. After the UK lenders were bailed out by the tax payer the housing market ground to a virtual standstill. Values plummeted and negative equity and repayment problems loomed. Progressively the issues are being worked […]

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