Types of Mortgages available in UK

1. Variable Mortgage

Mortgage Payments vary with changes in base rate

2. Fixed Rate Mortgage

Interest payments fixed for a certain time period

3. Capped Mortgage

Similar to fixed rate mortgage. States maximum interest rate

4. Self Certification Mortgage

Mortgages for those who have difficulty proving income

5. Interest Only Mortgage

Mortgage where you only pay interest on loan and do not repay any capital

6. Unconventional Mortgages

Non conventional mortgages available in the UK

7. 100% and 125% mortgages

Borrowing the full cost of the house, with no need for a deposit

8. Joint Mortgage

Buying a house and sharing the cost

9. Adverse Credit Mortgages

Help for people looking for mortgages with bad credit ratings

10. The Never Ending Mortgage

Yes, there are some reasons for having a "perpetual mortgage"

11. Buy to Let Mortgages

Advice on getting best deal from buy to let mortgages

12. Equity Release Mortgages

Getting equity from the value of your house.

13. Repayment Mortgages

Standard mortgage with repayment of capital as well as interest payments

14. Commercial Mortgages

Mortgages for business

Other Types of Mortgages in UK

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